Crown Hill Cemetery

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Crown Hill Cemetery is located at 7777 West 29th Avenue, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The only known Mambourg family member in this cemetery is Joseph Mambourg. This cemetery was established in 1907 and is located at the intersection of Wadsworth Boulevard and West 29th Avenue. The cemetery is 240 acres in size. It's historic mausoleum is a Denver landmark and can be seen many miles in every direction.

Picture of Block 27 in Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. 

The marker for Joseph Mambourg is a flat marker. The cone in the left picture, shows the burial site. This picture was taken from the northeast corner of Block 27 looking to the southwest.

Below is the marker for Joseph Mambourg in Section 1, Lot 82, of Block 27. The marker was placed in 2015 and was paid for from proceeds from the estate of Helen E. Proctor. Click the picture below for a larger image.

Joseph's burial occurred toward the end of the Great Depression. There are several unmarked graves in this block. Families simply could not afford to pay for markers at the time.

 Picture of marker for Joseph Mambourg in Block 27, Crown Hill Cemetery.

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