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It serves as an updated replacement of what I had posted on the website.

I am researching the following surnames: ROWLAND (London, England; Canada; Colorado), HARDING (London, England), WEDGEBROUGH/GRICE (London, England), MAMBOURG (Luxembourg; United States), PETERS (Luxembourg), SCHILZ (Germany, United States), GUION (Ohio, Iowa, Colorado), KEMPER (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado), MENZIE (New York, Wisconsin, Iowa), ANDERSON (Illinois, Colorado, California), EASTBERG (Illinois), BRECKENRIDGE (New York), and WIMMER (New York).

ROWLAND - England>Canada>Colorado ~~~ My paternal grandfather William A. ROWLAND was born in London, England in 1886. He migrated to Manitoba, Canada; then to Chicago, Illinios. He met and married Mary MAMBOURG in Chicago in 1917.They ended up in Denver, Colorado. Mary's father was born in Luxembourg.

GUION - Iowa>Colorado ~~~ My maternal grandfather James T. GUION (aka GILBERT) was born in Woodbury County, Iowa in 1906. The surname for James was changed from GUION to GILBERT between 1920 and 1926. James, now with the surname GILBERT married Dorothy Grace ANDERSON in Hudson, Colorado in 1927. She died in 1942 in Denver, Colorado. James then married Nina FERGUSON.

COON - Ohio ~~~ I also have significant information on the COON family in Ohio. This family is affiliated with the MAMBOUG family.The COON family is not in my direct line. A separate genealogy report is provided for the COON family. This information was obtained from Zelma Orfa COON MAMBOURG. Zelma passed away in January, 1999 at 101 years of age. My last visit with Zelma was in 1997. I am grateful for the hospitality, time and information Zelma and her daughter Helen gave to me.This work in part, is dedicated to memory of Zelma COON (nee MAMBOURG).

KEMPER - Iowa>Colorado ~~~ Additionally, I have other family contacts for the KEMPER family.

ANDERSON - Illinois>Colorado>California ~~~ I have a "lost" family.These are cousins in the ANDERSON family. They are Robert Murel ANDERSON, his wife Mary, daughters Karen, Laura, and Linda.I last saw them in Barstow, California, when I was still in high school in the early seventies. Back then, I was not smart enought to stay in contact with them.ANDERSON is one of the ten most common surnames in the United States.Robert was an electrician and later worked in the Sacramento (Arbuckle), Caifornia area. One of my major quests through the years, has been to find this family. Any leads or information on this family will be greatfully received.

Special Acknowledgement ~~~ I also wish to acknowledge my Aunt, Helen Elizabeth PROCTOR (nee ROWLAND). Helen got me started with genealogy in 1981 at the tender age of 26. Helen was my genealogy mentor.

Inquiries ~~~ I will respond to any reasonable request for genealogy information and am willing to share information. Please contact me via email.

Roger B. Rowland

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  • Descendants of George COON (PDF File Format)
  • Descendant line of Moses PROCTOR Sr and Martin PROCTOR (PDF File Format)
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